Friday 22 November 2013

#41 - A Horse To Be Reckoned With

Jonathan parascended into the embassy, glossy croup
dazzling the terrorists of indeterminate ethnicity and creed.

Bullets glanced harmlessly off his adamantium withers
as he rolled a glob of Semtex from the frog of his hoof
and made an apposite horsey pun.

A skewbald cob of foreign descent came from his blindside
(Jonathan was wearing mirrored blinkers)
but Jonathan hoofed a button on his halter
and a knife helicopter stabbed his opponent unto death.

'Thanks for spavin* me,' he said,
then vaulted backwards through the embassy window,
which had been reglazed since he smashed through it,
and so he shattered it again.
Then the embassy exploded.

*a swelling on a horse's back, typically causing stiffness

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