Friday 8 November 2013

On Friday November 22nd of this year, I will attempt to write 100 poems in a day - starting at 9am, and finishing before midnight. As you probably know, I have past form on this:

That's 402 poems all up in your facebrain. This year, I'm going to try to take us up past the half a k mark. That'll mean, for this project, I've written over 500 poems in a single working week.

But I cannot do it without your help! Every poem I write uses a title supplied by you, the... well, 'public' sounds weirdly formal. We're all the public. Basically people give me the poem titles and tweet me them on the day and I cover my desk with sheets of paper full of titles and hammer through them. Please suggest some titles for poems. Suggest ten, or twenty. Go hog-wild. I need 100, so chances are I'll use them!

Maybe you'd like to join in? Last year, Mark Grist and MC Mixy also wrote with me, and several other people attempted the challenge. Why not set up your own blog and try to write a 100 poems alongside me? 'Because I have better things to do' is a valid excuse. But c'mon.

Follow me on Twitter (I'm @timclarepoet) to read my poems on the day, as I write them. I'll post each one on this blog as I write it. Pop some titles in the comments below. Go.

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